1. Anonymous said: i have a sun in scorpio , aries in moon and aries in rising , venus in virgo & mercury in scorpio {: what should that say about me ? & would you describe what i would look like ?

    Physically with so much Scorpio and Aries, you probably have the famous “Scorpio” stare, intense, focussed eyes that seem to examine things closely at all times. Your Virgo will also look people up and down and seemingly judge them right away. You may have been accused of staring or being rude or too straight-forward. Aries isn’t exactly delicate and neither is Scorpio, both have endurance, and Aries is specifically action-oriented while Virgo is fussy, so this might physically show in forms of a more wiry, sporty/fit body and a sort of nervous expression in which you like to move around a lot and get bored sitting still for too long. Scorpio is self-contained and the master of a poker face, Aries is more outward and immediate especially when upset or bored, which makes them easy to read, Virgo and Aries both have a lot of nervous energy. Virgo likes order, Aries likes action, Scorpio likes mystery and depth and not letting their emotions show on the outside. You will not be good at taking orders, unless it’s in a very structured context where you have a title (like the military) - otherwise you will be better working independently and with your own rules. In relationships, you’ll be all about “tough love” and far from mushy. 

  2. thelandofmaps: Countries with Universal Health Care

    Oh look, it’s all the civilized places! (Well, almost. *looks at Saudi & Oman..)


  4. Anonymous said: I am a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon, Leo Venus, and Leo mercury. What kind of personality radiates from these signs?

    Virgo sun with Scorpio moon would indicate a personality that likes precision and is distrustful/suspicious or very careful with others - but your Leo might balance this out somewhat, as Leo is generally trusting and optimistic and also more generous with people (as long as said people give them appropriate attention, they will overlook a lot…). You are very stubborn when it comes to personal opinions or ways to go about things - once you have made up your mind (and you WILL consider all sides first), you will not budge, which will often be maddening to others and a source of conflict. There are things that must be JUST SO. That includes how the house is run or the workplace or your relationships. You will find the most efficient way of running anything and stick with it, even if it means changing the entire system from the ground up. Things must be logical and details must “right”. Once you get into a cause, you will fight for it with all you’ve got. This includes relationships. No one will tell you what to do or who to be or not be with. You will listen to the opinions of others but only take your own advice, especially when in love. Try not to take things so personal. Many people are far less analytical than you and do not even realize what effect their words have. When you feel yourself getting obsessive, take a break, go for a walk, take a drive and return with a clear mind before making important decisions or criticizing someone. Be careful of getting too rigid and expecting too much from others. You see people’s potential and want to help them get there, but they may not have the same idea of what or who they want to be. You consider your partner a reflection of yourself and want them to make a good figure.


  5. Anonymous said: pisces man and scorpio woman

    I’ve written a lot about this if you go into the Pisces, Scorpio, and Relationships tags, as I am a Scorpio woman with a Pisces man. Most sources will tell you that this is one of the best combinations in the zodiac, and I agree. Both Scorpio and Pisces are Water signs so they have a greater emotional understanding of each other than most sign combinations. There often is a sort of “psychic” connection between these two in which they will know what the other is thinking, can finish each other’s sentences, or will call or send a message at the exact same moment. Scorpio woman needs to be careful of being too harsh with him when angered as he’s easily hurt, while Pisces man must never lie to her about anything because Scorpio WILL find out and even a small white lie can send her into a spin that ends with complete distrust. Pisces’ main motivation is life is to be liked by everyone, which is why they have trouble saying no - this can lead to really bad situations. Scorpio’s main concern is trust and respect and when these things are violated, it can get ugly. So these are the things those 2 should keep in mind above all else.


  6. Anonymous said: If You have time Id love You to read me; sun in aquarius, moon in pisces, ascendant in scorpio, mars in The second House, thank you!

    Hi. With this combination, you’re very intuitive and should always trust your first impressions and listen to your intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, it won’t be right. You’re probably intrigued by all things mysterious and hidden and that will include people. You will like unusual people or those who are considered difficult, anyone who isn’t so obvious and “out there” or easy-going. You like to uncover things and can get obsessed with specific people, even if it may not happen too often that you meet someone who is THAT interesting. When you do, you want to know all about them. You’re somewhat detached and hard to read, may come across as aloof and uninterested in others - until things get intimate. You’re an idealist and easily hurt, but may never show it. You’ll be torn between head and heart many times and heart might ultimately win. You watch people and emotionally give them back what they put out, a form of “mirroring” - so unpeaceful places or situations are really bad for your mood as the moods of others will influence you so much. If you’re a female, you may appear tomboyish and really have to “work” at being feminine. Good communicator, probably more about ideas than personal feelings. Try to consider all sides of a situation before making a move and don’t get too influenced by non-genuine people’s sob stories. Be careful of emotional manipulation by others. You’re welcome. 

  7. cravingsatmidnight: Cheesecake

  8. noteverybodylies:

    Until it all explodes

    And when it does, you better take cover.

  9. freundevonfreundentravel: ‘Part of Cape Town’s advantage is it’s size. It’s still a small city. You can do a number of things very quickly. In some ways it becomes a community where everybody knows each other. To be honest, Cape Town is just full of surprises.’ - Architect Mokena Makeka on FvF


  10. "Love lasts about seven years. That’s how long it takes for the cells of the body to totally replace themselves."
    — Françoise Sagan, a June 21 Gemini-Cancer Cusp

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  11. "It is better to travel well than to arrive."
    — Buddha (via best-of-asia)

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  12. Capricorn and Sex

    Capricorns are very planned people and would prefer to schedule sex or know when it will happen and proceed according to plan. Seduction is cooperation, foreplay is warm-up, intercourse is work well worth it IF orgasm is reached or there’s a reward at the end. Sex should take some time and have a lasting effect. They’re not romantics but very factual and may have to be coaxed into foreplay and sex by their partners if they do not make the first move. Once at it, they tend to be good lovers who really aim to please but also like to dominate. Perseverence and committment to their partners is their thing. Capricorn likes it pretty basic when it comes to technique but enjoys a change in scenery - it doesn’t always have to be the bedroom - outside, elsewhere in the house or in places where one might get caught will be something they enjoy. Capricorns like challenges but dislike empty flirting. They may not “get it” when someone comes on to them, or might bluntly reject that person. After sex, a Cap really just wants to get up and do something else, but may have developed the discipline to stay and cuddle, if that is what is expected. On the other hand, it doesn’t take long before they’re eager to do it all again, with just as much commitment. Caps are enduring with profound stamina - if there is a goal.

    Turn-offs includes random surprises, random sexual encounters, tomboyish women for Cap males/feminine men for Cap females, sloppiness, people with no goals in life, anything involving flashiness, and people with mushy emotions and dramatic feelings, people who cry and want to cuddle endlessly, or those who poke them to reveal things about their own feelings.

  13. cravingsatmidnight:


    That Taro boba the other day was sooo good I keep wanting to go back. I want to try all the other flavors now. Some time ago I had a mango one I didn’t like. Come to think of it, I don’t like anything mango, including the fresh fruit. It always looks so shiny but has that weird aftertaste. Hmmm. But all other bubble teas have been just delicious. Asian bakery had the best ones so far.


  15. Pisces and Sex

    Pisces is turned on by a strong lead. The females respond to a man who knows what he wants, the males like to be pushed in the direction of sex. Dominance and playing master and servant could be just the game to develop the best in Pisces’s sexual nature. Another turn-on are sensual enhancements such as candles, music, incense, soft and nubby materials, cocktails and aphrodisiacs. Pisces likes the ritual of preparing to move from the regular, mundane world into the dreamy world of the senses. If lovemaking takes a long time, Pisces will be most content as they absorb so many feelings on so many different levels. 

    Pisces is turned off by flashy, ostentatious dressers on a day-to-day basis but may enjoy costumes in bed, including thigh-highs and boots, boots, and more boots. On the street, they like their lover to keep a low profile. Sexy underwear that emphasizes the butt is a turn-on. Pisces doesn’t like to be rushed or scheduled into sex. When sex just happens, they’re the most comfortable. A partner who goes for sex without foreplay or romance also is a turn-off for most Pisces. You have to dip your feet in the water, get used to the temperature, splash a little, and then dive in for full immersion.