1. I always liked black lace.

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  2. So much like K. Unforgotten.

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  3. marhaba-maroc-algerie-tunisie: Morocco

    Much like Soussiville. Should log on to the old account and see what’s up in Soussiworld. I wonder if Ben is still here. He always seemed out of place in the decadent Lalas.


  4. "Al barade echwa li ghir sanga sine, ima 3 oula 4 hati origi atay! - The teapot is sweet if we are two, 3 or 4 its no longer tea!"
    — Moroccan Berber Proverb

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  5. Saturn in GEMINI

    Saturn is the great teacher of life - it will happily place learning situations in front of you that you would rather not experience. These experiences are essential to your personal growth.  With Saturn in Gemini:

    Communication Issues: Gemini as such is the great communicator, but with Saturn in Gemini, things can go a bit wonky, making it difficult to communicate thoughts through speech from a young age, unless there are other advantageous aspects in the chart. Saturn Gemini will have to learn how to overcome these issues on their own by simply doing it and putting themselves into these uncomfortable situations.

    Tuning in to Emotions: Saturn in Gemini is extremely cerebral. Despite the fear of communicating verbally, they are brilliant at doing anything in writing. They can analyze in depth and will neatly categorize all the problems of the world into nice little compartments to be inspected whenever the mood strikes. This is not a bad thing, but Gemini does need to learn to deal with the emotional aspects of things, instead of just filing them away for future perusal. Strong emotions can put them off as they’re not always good at expressing them (verbally, anyway!). If they can figure out how to do this, they will be much more in-tune with the world around and less restless on a daily basis.

    Learning to Relax: Saturn in Gemini really needs to learn to relax. Do not let yourself be bogged down by stress and nervous tension. 

  6. Thomas D. - Millionen Legionen

    The new lyrical Goethe.

  7. California <3 in Redondo Beach. Finally Friday and it’s Easter weekend! You don’t really notice in this country since it’s a religious holiday so not public in the USA - but the stores are full of Easter things and I need to go but some See’s Candy chocolate eggs tomorrow, which will be the extend of Easterness in this house, along with regular egg dishes. There will be beach time and movie nights, maybe some shopping, basically a lazy weekend, staying in town. Welsh Aquarius Pirate keeps coming around and I’m having a good time with these in-depth conversations - I knew from the start that this would be some sort of special friendship, just listening to my intuition. It doesn’t happen too often that I hit it off with someone to this degree from the very beginning, but here we are and it happened again. Something about this feels so familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. This person is twice my age so it isn’t even about anything potentially “relationship”-related but strictly platonic. I might have to base a character on him, hah.

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  8. "21% of 18-30 year-old adult males in the USA live at home with their mothers and do not have a job."
    — Craig Hulet, Geopolitical Analyst on Coast to Coast AM
  9. Made me laugh so much because it’s true. Poor Fishy. :D

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  10. Source?

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  11. California <3 at the Strand in Hermosa Beach.


  12. Lucky 13 - ITALY

    The number 13 is lucky in Italy, especially when gambling. It’s also associated with the Goddess of Fertility and the lunar cycles. It is thought that the number brings prosperity and abundance. Although 13 is considered lucky, sitting down to a table with 12 others is an ill omen. At the Last Supper, Jesus ate with his 12 disciples before one of them, Judas, betrayed him. 


  13. n0stalgic-wanderlust asked: what do you think of a partnership (man Leo sun, Virgo moon, libra rising, mercury in Leo, venus in libra, mars in Gemini) with (female cancer sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising, mercury in cancer, venus in Gemini, mars in Virgo). Been together 3 years, go through awful bad patches but magical good, will it last?

    Anything can last, I think, as long as there is love and mutual respect. He’s fire, you’re water so there WILL be smoke & attraction. ;) With so much Leo and Libra and also Gemini in his chart, he will want to be admired and adored. He’ll need a lot of attention and respect. He will seem powerful to the outside but in the end, it might be you holding the power as he’s the type who will always need FEEDBACK and attention from others to really feel good. This might become quite annoying unless absolute adoration comes natural. As a Cancer/Pisces/Scorp you have a lot of water in your chart - this should make him calm and feel safe with you. Venus in Gemini is flexible, so is Venus in Libra. Both like to flirt (with others). Overall, I think this is a good match as long as you can both compromise and meet in the middle. Try not to nag him but deliver things with a solution already in place, Cancer can be clingy and moody and very, very affectionate at the same time. As for him, he can be extremely arrogant and stubborn, also selfish, and may cut you down with 1 word, so that’s the part he should avoid. Also… his self-esteem will be closely linked to his sex life. Cancer tends to be more passive in that way so maybe surprise him and try to be a little more forward. Give him the Scorpio rising and see him react, hah! 


  14. Anonymous asked: How would you describe a Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon, Pisces Mercury, Pisces Mars, Taurus Venus and Virgo Ascendant lady?

    Forceful, but a little conflicted. The Aries/Cap/Taurus/Virgo combination should make her thick-skinned with a lot of self-control, fearless, goal-oriented, pragmatic, and brave. She will not fear confrontation in general, even though Pisces influence might tone things down a bit. She will be exacting and a doer - this isn’t someone who sits around watching others work or do things. She will like to pull the strings, possibly in the background, but this person likes control. She will give “tough love”, unsentimental and straight-forward, and will not be touchy-feely with people. There is a “soldiering on” aspect, no matter what, and a degree of selfishness, but she’ll also like to support others and be of help with practical things. This person will always survive in the end. Some nerves, and nervousness, from Aries/Cap/Virgo, might get fussy when thrown out of their element, but will adjust quickly to whichever situation they find themselves in and make do with what is available. They should apply for that “Survivor” show. :)

  15. Shiny Pisces being extra cute today as the (h)air is discussed. I’m thinking of Yorkshire Terriers and hair clips. Watching the Blood Moon together was quite romantic, even in less-than-perfect circumstances (Griffith Park/Observatory was a zoo). The religious nuts on the feed thinking it’s the end of the world and praying hysterically were absolutely hilarious. How many times will they repeat this over the next 4000 years? (With every eclipse, or? lol) The next Lunar Eclipse will be in October. 

    2014 Apr 29: Annular Solar Eclipse

    2014 Oct 08: Total Lunar Eclipse

    2014 Oct 23: Partial Solar Eclipse

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