1. Baby camels. Can there be anything cuter? :) <3


  2. Verlogen

    Die meisten Sprüche sind so abgedroschen. “Work hard, play hard” - das sind genau die, die es eben NICHT tun. Und auch dieses ganze Gesülze in den “motivational quotes” hier auf Tumblr. Fuuuuurchtbar. Das ist wie Selbsthilfe-Bücher. Bestimmte Leute lesen die, aber sie verändern sich nicht, sondern rennen dann hinterher dazu noch zum Psychater in all ihrer Selbstsucht. Schafe. Genau die, die sowas posten sind die, denen man das Gegenteil von diesem Gutmenschen-Gelaber zutrauen sollte. Dafür gibt es genug Beispiele. 

  3. 1, 2, 4 and 6, please.

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  5. Anonymous asked: Im really facinated by astrology, but I dont really know that much. What would knowing I was born 12th of Febuary, 3 AM, 1994 tell you about me? :3

    Hi, so am I. :) I would need your city of birth/country along with the time for the big picture. The short version for star sign only (without additional aspects) is:

    You’re an Aquarius, 3rd decan. They’re said to be impulsive and charming and in need of frequent change, or at least variety, or mental stimulation, to be happy. This need may be satisfied by having many interests or hobbies, or knowing many different people from all walks of life. Likely to enjoy volunteering in some way, likes road trips. They may also get easily bored with their relationships. Will come across as somewhat mysterious and reserved when it comes to their own personal feelings and information. Would rather ask the questions than being asked. Impulsive and may act without thinking and possibly regret later. Artistic in some way, and generous with people they love - will give time and energy freely to whoever seems to be in need, even complete or semi-strangers, but in the end might feel very detached from everyone. Of all the Aquarians, decan 3’s are said to be the most emotionally sensitive, but chances are that this is very well-hidden. (All of this may change somewhat from advanced aspects - I would at least need the moon sign and ascendant - or city of birth - to get more detailed, so ask again with that if you want. :)

  6. Europe according to Latin Americans :D

    (The last time I talked Europe with a Mexican woman, she asked if Spain was next to Germany and had never heard of Denmark or Austria.)

  7. willkommen-in-germany: A backyard in Germany

    I like it, it’s cute. Especially the fountain. I’d want a big bench in that corner with comfy covers for reading. Like a window seat but outside.

  8. simena: A Rouchaz - Vase De Fleurs

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  9. "

    Somebody asked this question in a forum:
    All of the zodiac signs are stranded on a large, deserted island.

    Who allies with whom?
    Who leads?
    Who dies first?
    Who lives?
    Any large face offs between certain signs/groups?


    Who allies with whom? Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be by themselves, watching the scene or doing their own thing, something practical like building a shelter or searching for food. Gemini will try to take charge or just kiss up to whoever turns out to be the leader. Taurus and Pisces will blindly follow the leader. Cancer will cry and lament their fate. Aries will most likely BE the leader, fighting vain Leo with a stick. (Leo dies because they didn’t pay enough attention, worrying about their hair and wanting to be admired.) Libra will flip-flop from one person to the other, depending on who’s in charge at any given time. Capricorn will ambitiously build the biggest fort but cooperate with the others as needed to save their own butt. Sagittarius will happily entertain them all with their offbeat sense of humor and assist Aries. 

    Who leads? Sagittarius and Aries 

    Who dies first? Pisces, Libra, Leo 

    Who lives? Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo 

    Any large face offs between certain signs/groups? Leo/Aries, Leo/Scorpio, Scorpio/Gemini 

    Just my 2 cents. ;)

  10. California <3 at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood


  11. Unlucky 17 in Italy

    The number 17 is considered unlucky in Italy, which is related to how it is written. Italians dislike it so much that some hotels don’t have a 17th floor. When 17 is written using Roman numerals XVII, it can be rearranged to spell the Roman VIXI meaning “I have lived”, which is found on ancient tombstones, thus tempting death. When written using Arabic numerals, it’s still considered unlucky as it resembles a man (1) hanging from a gallows (7).

  12. This makes me think of Ancient Seattle Trip and also of Grey’s Anatomy. EEEEEEEEEE! Say what you want but I loved that show. We should start watching all the episodes again from season 1. I never wanted to watch live with 5 million commercials but on DVD by season it’s really convenient. Christina Yang will forever be my favorite. But I also like Izzy, sometimes even Meredith. George was loveable in a confused bear kind of way. Dr Bailey (Miranda?) is a prototype and so fun to watch in all her resolute glory. Callie Torres just funny. The men don’t seem so important. It’s a very smart script. Shonda Rhimes should be very proud. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shonda_Rhimes

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  13. It’s the day of Purple Bougainvillea and gardening in the wilderness. I congratulate him on his choice and excellent taste. Many compliments returned whenever things didn’t go so smoothly - which just goes to show that a Pisces NEEDS friction in order to appreciate. When they’re afraid to loose you, real or imagined, is when they step up their game and really work it. Ahhhhh, relationships, never 100% perfect - but we can come close. Above all hovers the invisible umbrella of love, passion, and mutual respect. 


  14. "88% of US-American households have a bible in them; the average household has 4."
    — Dr. Katherine Albrecht on John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight radio show
  15. corpoeanima: I never used to really eat hazelnuts, but then I moved to South Tyrol. There are a lot of hazelnuts about, particularly in chocolate, much more than in the UK. I didn’t realise that we didn’t have them very much here until I returned last month. However, the best way to eat them, I think, is in a Nussknacker, which is hazelnuts drenched in sugar syrup and on a thin chocolate base. It used to be a pretty regular treat for me. Simple but really good.

    German Ritter Sport White Chocolate with Hazelnuts FTW. :) I’ve always loved all kinds of nuts, food and human.