1. cartoonpolitics:

    "From 1945 to the end of the century, the United States attempted to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments, and to crush more than 30 populist-nationalist movements struggling against intolerable regimes. In the process, the US caused the end of life for several million people, and condemned many millions more to a life of agony and despair." .. (William Blum, ‘Rogue State’)

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  2. So true in my experience. Beware.

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  3. thelandofmaps: Top 20 cities of billionaires around the world

  4. California <3

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  5. "I had an epiphany a few years ago when I was out at a celebrity party and it suddenly dawned on me that I had yet to meet a celebrity who is as smart and interesting as any of my friends."
    — Moby aka Richard Melville Hall, a Sept 11 Virgo
  7. welcometoitalia:

    Learn Italian Hand Gestures with Dolce & Gabbana male models

    I lol’ed. 

  8. Truth. Unlesssssss…. it is designed to make you feel good about yourself to get to “help” them. 

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  9. art-and-things-of-beauty:

    Hans Fredrik Gude (1825-1903) – Norwegian coast, oil on canvas. 83 x 148 cm. 1872.


  10. "I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking."
    — Albert Einstein, a March 14 Pisces and mostly likely an INTP
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  13. I miss these deep purple plums, the oval ones from Europe. They don’t exist here in California (and maybe not anywhere in the US?). They taste different than anything that is available here, different texture as well.  

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  14. Another new memory. “Circulatory”, he said. :)

  15. California <3 in Palos Verdes.